My First Writing-Related Post! Yay!

I decided to do something different today, so I hope you guys enjoy it! It will be my first writing-related post. 😀

Today at school, I was thinking about how my writing skills have changed and improved over the years. I now consider myself a pretty good writer, but a few years ago, my writing skills weren’t that great. Sure, they weren’t horrible, but they’re nowhere near where they are today. And why is this? It’s because your writing skills are almost entirely based off of your reading skills, in my opinion. So, if you want to become a better writer? Your teachers and parents are right. There is no better way to increase your writing performance than by reading more.

Anyway, my main purpose of this post was to share two of the poems I did in 5th grade. I picked these two because they were the ones that I was particularly proud of at the time, and in all honesty, I’m actually still really proud of them today. Despite this, you can still tell how much my writing skills have improved over the years.

My Grandmother

I smile at

my grandmother.

She smiles back,

her bright eyes

gleaming with memories.


She reads

pages and pages of books.

Trapped in a world

of life, love, and loss.

I read with her.


She travels

across the globe,

each time bringing back

a different memory

to share.


My grandmother


her eyes

gleaming with laughter.

I smile back.

I know, it’s a bit short and rushed, but it was two years ago, okay? Not to mention the completely unoriginal title. To put it into perspective, 5th grade was when I had just finished the Divergent trilogy and I was OBSESSED, and my mom FINALLY let me start reading The Hunger Games. And the Twilight Saga. And the Delirium trilogy. All that good stuff.

OH, and it was also the time when my amazing teacher, Ms. Barr, had us all participate in a book club! It was seriously amazing, guys. Seriously. Amazing.

Anyway, here’s the next one:

The World I Created

I was born

in the beginning of time,

before I was changed

into paper and ink,

in the mind

of a storyteller.


I’ve watched the

world age,

watched so many people

leaf through my pages,

eager for the story

of a lifetime.


My pages,

filled to the brim

with knowledge.

A maze of words

and phrases

that some find hard

to leave.

Even at this age (which wasn’t that long ago, really), I was a proud bookworm. Once again, it was a little short and rushed, but we’ll just let it slide. 😉

So….how did you like my poems? Do you think I should start doing more writing-related posts? OH, and if you would like to, please put a link to your newest posts and I’ll be sure to check them out! I’ve been so bad with commenting on other blogs lately. 😦


7 thoughts on “My First Writing-Related Post! Yay!

  1. You read the Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight in year 5? That is crazy amazing and your writing in grade 5 is better than mine now. You’re my idol haha. You are very talented and I hope you never give it up! 😊❤️

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    • Oh my goodness you’re so sweet! I was actually one of the last ones out of my friend group to be allowed to read The Hunger Games and Divergent, but I was still by far the most obsessed with them once I read them haha. Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comment. ❤ Oh, and I totally doubt that hehe. You're such an amazing writer! 😀

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  2. I love both poems. They are short which is completely fine, poetry can be however long it is meant to be, poetry is meant to grow with us. I particularly love the second poem. The imagery is breathtaking, your metaphors so original, they remind me so much of Tahereh Mafi’s prose, simple but so elegant and beautiful. You are so so talented, keep it up! ❤️

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