Month In Review: October 2015

Hi all! I got a bit lazy this week and didn’t post the Monthly Recap at the end of the month like I normally do, so I’m combining it with my Weekly Recap.

3 Things That Happened In My Life Last Month:

  • I reached 100 followers! I know that this is nothing compared to other bloggers I know, but it made me really happy, considering the fact that I’ve only been blogging for a couple months. I’ll be writing a post on this soon (hopefully tomorrow), but to sum it up: You guys rock!
  • I met Patrick Ness at a book signing! You can view my event recap here.
  • Halloween happened! Normally I’m not a huge fan of Halloween because I’m not a huge party person, but I had a lot of fun this time! My friends came over for a Halloween party at my house, and then we went trick-or-treating together. Oh, and we also got chased for two blocks by a clown with a chainsaw, which was quite terrifying.

2 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Month:

  • Mockingjay Part 2 is being released! GUYS, SERIOUSLY. How amazing was Mockingjay Part 1?!! THAT ENDING. Our year of waiting is almost up, and I’m SO EXCITED!
  • Thanskgiving! ‘Cause, you know, it’s only my second favorite holiday EVER. (And being such a big fan of holidays, that’s kinda a big deal, okay?) I get to eat lots of food and wear fuzzy socks and READ!

My Favorite Book Last Month:

I read 9 books this month! I usually read more than that – usually about 15, actually, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. And as the saying goes, “it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.” And I did have some good quality books this month! My favorite book by far was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. His writing is so gorgeous, and his books are probably some of the most unique and original books I’ve ever read. I also really enjoyed Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake (my review).

Worst rating I gave to a book last month? I had a really good reading month, so the worst rating would have to by Outspoken by Lora Richardson, which was still a solid 3 stars (my review).

Cover love? This would have to go to The Knife of Never Letting Go. I absolutely love the simplistic design and font, and what’s inside of the book is just as beautiful!

Quote of the Month:

“You do not write your life with words…You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.”  -A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

Book Haul!

Earlier today, I decided to check out if there were any bookstores near me other than the ones I knew, and there were so many! I got to visit this adorable little used bookstore that I had never known about. All the books were absolutely gorgeous, so I couldn’t help buying two! I’m not normally much of a Classics girl, though I have read and enjoyed a few, but they didn’t have any YA books so I had to settle for these beauties. 😉

image2   image3

Pride & Prejudice and Emma by Jane Austen! Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re in amazing condition, and they were only $10 each! Seriously, remind me to go to used bookstores more often! XD

Most Popular Posts Last Month:

My Personal Favorite Posts Last Month:

Around The Blogosphere:

SO! Let’s talk! What was your favorite read of October? What are you planning to read this month? Please, tell me! Oh, and good luck to all the NaNoers out there! Will you be participating in any read-a-thons or bookish events this month? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Month In Review: October 2015

  1. Ahh!! Thank you for sharing my post! 😀 And yay for an excellent month. ^_^ Excellent reads are definitely better than getting through a lot, I agree. 😀 And omg, good score on those beautiful classic editions. SO PRETTY.

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