Farewell, 2015…..Hello, 2016!

As you’ve probably noticed, this is a pretty overdue post, considering the fact that 2015 ended 5 days ago. You also might have noticed the fact that I took a week-long hiatus without telling you guys. I mean, I know a week isn’t too long, but it feels weird because I’ve been posting nearly every day since the end of August, which is when I started this blog. So, I guess my point is that I apologize, but I’m (hopefully) back to my regular schedule and I’m looking forward to some of the blog posts I have planned for you guys!

So, anyway, I decided to do a post to highlight some of my favorite moments from 2015, sort of like a Yearly Wrap-Up post. I will also be including my bookish, blogging, and personal 2016 resolutions.

2015 was a big year for me, and I can hardly believe it’s over. I’ve been hearing that I lot lately, especially from the blogosphere. I’ve reached many milestones and important moments this past year, so I decided to share some of these with you all.

In 2015, I:

  • Promoted from 6th Grade.
  • Became a teenager.
  • Really, really got into reading.
  • Started to not completely despise writing.
  • Started to actually LIKE writing.
  • Started this blog.
  • Started Junior High.
  • Participated in the Math Super Bowl for the third time and helped my school win 1st place.
  • Went to San Francisco with some friends and family.
  • Went to my first championship swim meet.
  • Started my first year of National Charity League (NCL).
  • Made some amazing friends.
  • Did well in my school spelling bee.
  • Went to my first-ever author signing (Gayle Forman!).
  • Discovered my love for open water swimming.
  • Spent a LOT of time at the beach and harbor.
  • Went to Mexico with one of my besties over summer vacation.
  • Became a slight bookstore addict.
  • Started writing a book (and not stopping after the first 3 pages).
  • Got my first review request.
  • Participated for the 6th time in the I Madonarri Chalk Festival.
  • Had some fun with my 2 year-old puppy, Tilly.
  • Started taking swimming more seriously.
  • Started taking school more seriously.
  • Had some amazing times with my friends and family.


IMG_0003.JPGΒ FullSizeRender.jpg








I’m certainly not saying 2015 was all good, because there were definitely some hard moments of this past year that I certainly would would NOT like to relive. However, in this case, I think the good outweighed the bad.

And now it’s finally time for 2016, which I’m sure will hold many more challenges and goals. The following are some of my hopes and resolutions for 2016.

Bookish Goals:

  • Read 100 books.
  • Try to make at least a third of those NOT contemporary (I’m starting slow, guys, okay?).
  • Read (or at least try to read) at least 5 series/trilogies.
  • Go to the library more.
  • Go to more book signings/bookish events!

Blogging Goals:

  • Visit and comment on more blog posts.
  • Always comment back on my own blog posts.
  • Post more personal posts (I’m a little nervous about this because I’m not sure how you guys would react, but I think they would be really fun to write.
  • Post at least 1 review a week.
  • Post more discussions!

Personal Goals:

  • Study way in advance for any tests or intimidating assignments- it pays off!
  • Make an effort to make my circle of friends wider.
  • Try not to worry so much about what other people think.
  • Write a book! (Or get pretty far into one, at least.)
  • Always putting in 110% effort in swim practice- once again, it really pays off.
  • Save up as much as I can so I can buy myself….*drumroll*…. MOOOORE BOOOOOOKS! Ha. You guessed it.
  • Be a little kinder.

ALRIGHTY, THAT’S IT FOR THIS POST! What are some of your highlights from this past year? What are you looking forward to this year? What are some of your 2016 resolutions? I’d love to know in the comments!



17 thoughts on “Farewell, 2015…..Hello, 2016!

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I actually just turned 13 a few months ago but forgot to update it on this blog haha. Your writing voice is amazing as well and I always look forward to reading your blog posts. Thanks again so much for the lovely comment! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. wow paige, those are some accomplishments to be proud of!! 4th in county?!?!?!?!!!!! I got to admire your bookshelf, I’m SO excited you got some Jane Austen, one of the few authors I will read over and over again!! your mom let me borrow a book, hope that’s ok, I’ll get it back to you quick!! happy new year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe thanks so much! I hope you have a great 2016 as well! And YES, that is more than okay that you borrow it. It’s one of my favorite books and none of my friends ever listen to my recommendations so I’m super happy you are reading it haha! And I will try to get to Jane Austen soon! πŸ™‚


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