Event Recap: 49th California Antiquarian Book Fair


Hi guys! I know I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but I really wanted to talk about my latest book event: the 49th California International Book Fair.

Basically, this book fair is a way for over 200 booksellers from all around the world to get together and sell their rare and valuable books. It was a really amazing and interesting experience for me – because as a YA reader, I rarely venture out of my chosen genres and read classics or rare books, which was the majority of the books that they had there. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your chosen genre is – as long as you like books, you’ll love experiencing an event like this. It was pretty overwhelming for me, not only because of the fact that I had never been in a room with anywhere near that amount of books in my life, but because of the sheer pricelessness of all the books that I was seeing and holding.

image1.JPGThe majority of the books I saw were priced somewhere in the thousands, but the price range was understandably huge. The cheapest book I saw there was about $100, while the most expensive one I encountered was $125,000. The books were all so different, and covered so many different subjects – some were classics, some were medieval illuminated manuscripts, some were about fashion – really, the choices were endless. There was also a variety of other things being sold that weren’t books, such as cartoons, maps, autographs, fabric samplers, etc. I also saw a signed first edition copy of the Hunger Games, which I most definitely would have purchased if not for the fact that I don’t regularly carry $750 around in my pocket. Oh, well.

I also took a few pictures of some of the books I saw, because of their absolute gorgeousness…..

image2.JPG  image3.JPG  image4.JPG

DSC_6408.gif  california.jpg

Note: I actually didn’t take the last picture (ha – I wish), but I found it on the website to give you a general idea of what the festival is like.

I went to the festival with my grandma, and we stayed there for hours wandering up and down the aisles and looking at all the books. It was a truly amazing experience to see that huge amount of books all in the same building, and I really enjoyed getting a little insight as far as how bookbinding, printing, and book selling works.

Because the festival was mainly featuring and celebrating the anniversary of the book Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, it had an exhibit in which you got to print a copy of a quote from Alice.


* * * * *

Have you ever been to an Antiquarian Book Fair? If so, what did you think about it? What are some book events that you’ve been to recently, or that you’re planning to attend in the near future? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!



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